Hot Times

It is not that obvious writing a blog, getting back every day, or even every second day... however, things are moving, and how they are moving fast! Though providing a lot of great encounters, artistic satisfaction and beautiful stage experiences.

The concert-reading My Funny Valentine has been a beautiful production and a great success. Given the fact, that it has been a charity project, plus the opportunity of collaborating with a great ensemble of Luxembourgish colleagues, it has boosted a lot of energy.

Floating smoothly into March, I am balancing between rehearsals with my trio and rehearsals with my bassist Laurent. The suitcase for the little Turkey-tour needs to get packed soon. The night I come back, there will be the Luxembourgish premiere of Elfi Mikesch's beautiful film Fieber.

And last but not least I am preparing Mi Frida, a dance theatre piece about the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. A project that eventually has come to maturity, and reached the moment of being staged. This is very exciting.

Well, cherishing some private life in between all that just promises a good start into spring, which – hey - is starting this weekend!

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the month of March, the SPRING!

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