CD tip of the month June 2015 ! An exciting journey through jazz, instant composing and improvisation. Being only two, the duo explores the sonic possibilities of voice and bass, often onomatopoeic, with few but powerful lyrics. A kind of musical theater, that goes without pictures, but all the more creates impressive atmospheres. 06/15 Mane Stelzer MELODIVA (D)


Atmospheric density and fearless tracks. A challenge to the jazz. A toxic, shattered and battered masterpiece. 06/15 Mike Dostert LUXEMBURGER WORT (L)


A royal voice. The album reveals both a bold and adventurous jazz. Sascha 's voice and Laurent’s double bass interact and infiltrate each other until they remove all locks and enter the world of sound on rarely explored paths. 06/15 Annie Gaspard LE JEUDI (L)


Hear sophisticated jazz. Sublime vocals and cool acoustic double bass. Their mix of jazz, popular songs, minimalist improvisation and even on-the-spot composition makes for a fascinating evening. (…) moving and seductive. 06/15 Duncan Roberts DELANO (L)


A splendid new album! A splendid voice. 06/15 Esperienze sonore RADIO RGL (L)


An album full of texture and colors! 06/15 Ron Tuffel RADIO ARA (L)


A splendid job!! 05/15 Voices by Passaparola RADIO ARA (L)


CD of the week! An outstanding edition. Musically adventurous. 05/15 Constantin Sieg RADIO RUM (D)



Label Neuklang
Label Neuklang

Everything Within 2013


The female dream trio. "Everything Within" is a nuanced jazz trine, produced by the three sonorous elves Sascha Ley, Laia Genc and Anne Kaftan. On the eleven composition, the three musicians show all their talent forming three equal pillars. A blend of velvety vocal acrobatics, powerful piano and crystal clear saxophone sounds. 10/13 Patrick Versall JOURNAL (LU)  


Subtle, finely woven, full of suspense but also relaxed and smooth (...) the very unique music of the trio "Kalima". The singer Sascha Ley has created her own musical identity. (..) Attentive ears will make discoveries with every new listening, worthwhile each time.  07/13 Marion Möhle MELODIVA (D)


An unconventional trio, lush music. Anyone who loves new jazz, who is not afraid of adventurous music and likes to be surprised is on the right scent. 06/13 Hessel Fluitman JAZZ FLITS (NL) 


Simply very beautiful, as it is born in the profound of imagination that blends different sonorities, being always in research of rare pearls. This album is an exceptional sound spectacle. 06/13 Michel Schröder D'ZEITUNG (L) 


With her sometimes vocal acrobatics singer Sascha Ley is at the center of the trio Kalima. For the most part, Kalima's songs are very melodic, with a piano that emphasizes the songs in spacious way here and there. 06/13 Rasmus Klockljungs LIRA (SE) 


Sascha Ley carries a whole universe of voices. Galaxies full of music. (...) Alltogether an amazing trio. Possibly THE surprise. 05/13 Jörg Konrad JAZZPODIUM (D)


A truly outstanding sound spectacle, on a exceptional degree of homogeneity and diversity, at the top of contemporary music. 04/13 Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen JAZZZEITUNG (D)


Sascha Ley’s dark sultry voice shapes the music of the trio, that is dominated by an avant-garde expression - there are obvious influences from new contemporary music and modern chamber-jazz. 04/13 Rolf Thomas JAZZ THING (D)