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Lëtzebuerger Land "Independent and free" (in French) 

Egoist Okur (TR) :: I am not monogamous, when it comes to art
It had been my very first desire of becoming an actress. And when I had become an actress, my desire was to go further, and slowly I am trying to explore other new fields. I recently understood that the acting leads me to other things; maybe it is or was “the road made by walking”, whereas the music is leading me to music itself.
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Cine Markaj (TR) :: The adventourous and fluttery Sascha Ley
S. L.: I always try to create a “terrain de rêve”, a space where the audience can start off their own voyage of imagination. Like children do at the same time as they listen to a story. They start
constructing their own images on the words they are listening to. When I and my musicians’ words and sounds succeed to make the audience float and dream a little bit, then we have fulfilled our desire of sophisticated entertainment.
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Le Quotidien :: Total artist
No doubt, Sascha Ley is a genuine multitalent; after all, she is not just a songwriter, composer and interpreter but works as an actress and a director as well. (...) to handle f o u r projects simultaneously, as Sascha does, remains an outstanding achievement.
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